Consider us your virtual marketing team.

In today’s business climate, there’s no rest for the competitive.

With the intense pressures of preparing for product rollouts, has the all-important task of marketing slipped by the wayside? If time and resources are not on your side, consider outsourcing your Web and print marketing projects to Macdonald Design. We’ll do it all for you—reliably, professionally, efficiently, and affordably — from e-mail blasts and sleek, fully-optimized websites to corporate brochures and print ads that get a second look.

If you’re in the startup phase and don’t have a marketing department in place yet, Macdonald Design will step in and fill that role to ease the growing pains. And, if you’re an established company on the fast track with too much on your plate, we’ll offload tasks from your busy marketing staff so that they can spend more time developing their strategy for the next initiative.

Our expert team of designers, programmers, copywriters, and marketing strategists will collaborate closely with your company to complete your deliverables on time and on budget.

In today’s competitive landscape, don’t be left behind just because you have too much to do too fast. Let Macdonald Design step in to ease the load.

Integrated In-Person & Online Approach
Online Services
  • Capture leads and drive traffic—from in-person interactions to your website and social media— and vice-versa. 
  • Stay digitally-relevant in today’s dynamic business environment
  • Stay digitally-relevant with fresh design and targeted strategy
  • Set up a manageable, mobile-optimized, and functional online store that meets your customers’ expectations.
  • Set up an online store with a great customer experience
  • Improve visibility online with targeted keywords and search engine marketing
  • Expand your SEM, Yelp! and “best-of” online presence. Improve search visibility.
  • Lead-Mine your existing client lists for email marketing
  • Opt-in email marketing
  • Optimize for mobile.
In-Person Services
  • Develop unique in-person marketing strategies
  • Unique in-person marketing strategies
  • Communicate your brand with in-store signage and merchandising
  • In-store signage
  • Stand out to passersby with custom window graphics and strategically placed sandwich boards
  • Window graphics
  • Engage and activate existing customers with direct mail postcards
  • Postcards
  • Get your brand noticed with custom product graphics
  • Custom product graphics
  • Merchandising
  • Design and run ads in relevant publications
  • Relevant Ads

Social Media Marketing

At Macdonald Design LLC, we understand the importance of having a strong social media presence for small to medium sized businesses. That’s why we offer our Social Media Account Setup service to help you establish an effective and consistent online presence. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your business and target audience, allowing us to tailor our approach to meet your specific needs.

Here’s what you can expect from our Social Media Account Setup service:

  1. Personalized Approach
    Our team will get to know your business and target audience to tailor our approach to meet your specific needs.
  2. Account Setup
    We will set up accounts on the right platforms for your business, ensuring that your online presence is consistent and effective.
  3. Industry & Audience Research
    We will conduct research to determine the best approach for your industry and target audience, giving you a roadmap for success.
  4. Customized Posting Calendar
    We will create a posting calendar for you to follow, ensuring that you are consistently engaging with your audience in a meaningful way.
  5. Advertising Guidance
    Our team is experienced in setting up social media advertising campaigns and will provide you with the guidance you need to maximize your advertising efforts.

We are committed to providing our clients with the tools they need to succeed on social media. Our expertise, personal touch, and resources will give you the confidence you need to establish a strong online presence and reach your target audience effectively.

We understand that social media can be overwhelming and time-consuming, but with our help, you can relax and let us handle the technicalities. Our goal is to take the stress out of social media management and allow you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

Discover the solution you’ve been searching for with Macdonald Design LLC. Our Social Media Account Setup service offers a personalized and effective approach to social media management, providing you with the structure and guidance needed to succeed. With the support of our team of experts, you’ll be well on your way to achieving social media success. Take the next step in your social media journey today!

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We Help You

We help you navigate the vastness of the social media environment.  From targeted ad buys to complete account setup, we help you select the appropriate social media tools to fit you and your audience.  Then, we train you how to use them to their potential.