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At Macdonald Design we listen to you. We get to know you, your business and your passions. Through listening and learning about you, we develop an overall design feel and function that fits you and your intended audience.

Following are case studies of a few of the solutions we have developed for our clients over the years.

Rick Mack’s Website Conversions

Richard “Rick Mack” McCloskey sought to overhaul the digital infrastructure for his woodworking and vintage photography businesses. Macdonald Design LLC executed a strategic conversion, optimizing two distinct websites for content management and integrating a centralized WooCommerce platform for streamlined e-commerce operations, transitioning from restrictive GoDaddy sites to a versatile WordPress environment. This approach not only enhanced site manageability but also prepared the foundation for advanced digital marketing strategies.

Happy Days Children’s Learning Center

In the realm of digital transformation, success often arises from a combination of skill, experience, and empathy. Happy Days Child Learning Center (Happy Days CLC) embarked on a mission to revamp its online presence, and in collaboration with Macdonald Design LLC, this endeavor reached new heights. With the unique advantage of firsthand experience as parents and content creators, Macdonald Design LLC played a pivotal role in not only designing the website but also crafting its content and visuals.

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